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Saturday, February 03, 2007



Gian said...

I really like this one because I'm studying Advertising, and I can relate to it in a very good way.
Good job!

mihai criste said...

Hello Gian,
So I studying the graphic art.
But the message is so direct,in the art of painting is more signyfications and senses!
Best regards and thanks

John said...

A truly meaningful piece, technically perfect. I own this piece - which I keep as a true work of art and art investment. Mihai Criste, you are simply a brilliant artist. I am very proud to have works by you. And while studying graphics is a good thing - I am a partner in a graphics studio in the United States - please, stay focused always on artistic expression. So few painters that paint can truly express meanings in their work. Because you have this ability, I hope you can maintain focus.

George said...

mihai, i'm getting this tattooed next week