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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"All The World Is A Stage"(Shakespeare)

"The whole world is a stage", says Shakespeare in a poem and by associating ideas: the stage as a chessboard or a piano keyboard cannot have but an ambivalent role: the theater stage and the musical stage.

(private collection)


Gi said...


Have a nice day.


Agharti said...

Todas estas pinturas são lindissimas.

Sandy said...

Hi Mihai,
I came to visit your site via Art Forum Australia.
Your ideas are brilliant and each work is so beautifully composed and also beautifully painted.
I love them all.

mihai criste said...

thanks!!I'm very glad for your appreciatins!
Mihai Criste

mike said...

you are great!!!!!!!

Elena-Cecilia said...

Nu am cuvinte sa spun cit de frumoase si inspirate imi par toate picturile! Bravo!

Mihai Criste said...

Buna ziua Cecilia,
Chiar daca nu ai cuvinte,eu iti multumesc mult pentru cuvinte si pentru aprecierea ta fata de tablourile mele!

Cu respect,
Mihai Criste.

Lee Anne said...

Hello, Mihai,

I found your work on DeviantArt, and I am now a fan!
Your art is wonderful, I love the concepts, and the beautiful calm your colors and forms have to them. You are a true Master and I can't wait to see what you do next!

Lee Anne

Mihai Criste said...

Thanks a lot,Lee Anne.
Thanks that you appreciate my artwork:beautiful like a soul silence and colors,forms who breathes methaphysics.
The next picture is about substance of time!
Mihai Criste.

Berta said...

I found your art in Devianart and I think that your pictures are very originals. I like the surrealism and I like it.

Have a nice day!


Tendon Levey said...
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Mihai Criste said...

Thanks a lot,Mike!!!

Mihai Criste said...

Hello Berta,
Thank you for the appreciations.
I try to be original in my art even if exist some influences!
Have a nice day,too!

Mihai Criste said...

Hello Agharti,
Thank you!

Gian said...

I particulary LOVE this painting. It is so nicely done, and I really enjoy the concept you used. It's so simple yet so meaningful.
Plus, I love the name you used, 'cause it's a line from a song of my favorite band, Chiodos.

Keep on the good work!

mihai criste said...

Hello Gian,
Thanks a lot for the appreciations!"All the world is a stage",I know is it a poem by Shakespeare,expresses his keen power of observation,and his sound of knowledge of humanlife.
In my painting,the world is between two scenes:musical scene and theatre scene.

boneli said...

Hello Mihai,
I´m interested in your paintings. Can you tell me the prices and paintings that you heve for sale?

boneli said...

I´m interested in your paintings.
Can you tell me the prices and paintings that you have for sale ?
Guillermo Martinez

mihai criste said...

Helloo Mr. Guillermo Martinez
All the pictures from the blog are for selling.
Tell me first what picture are interest you?
The prices of my pictures depend of dimensions and what represent,I mean pictorial subjects!
Thank you so much for your appreciations and best regards!
Mihai Criste!

mihai criste said...

Hello Boneli,
...if you interested in my paintigs and for more informations and details about pictures,look at my e-mail: mihai82000@yahoo.com
Thank you very much for the appreciations.

jenaffer said...

Hi! His paintings are amazing. I love it. Congratulations. Have you added to Favourites to see if their art.

Louisa said...

Thanks for writing this.

DAF said...

Great Work .....Great Mind ...

Anonymous said...

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Enisa said...

Hi Mr.Mihai Criste I"m doing a project at my school and I choose you as my favorite artist but it I need to know the concept of the painting from the arstist. It will realy help me if you would tell me what was the idea when you did this and some information that you thing would be good form my presentation. I would really really appreciate if you reply