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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Transcendence of Depravity

(private collection)


JWS said...

You are my hero, I have a few questions for you: have you gone to art school? Do you do all your drawings by hand? Regardless, I think these are wonderful, and keep up the good work!

Slimeface said...

Cool shot!

posthuman_1000 said...

Fantastic work, all of them are great, but this is my favourite

Iron Monkey said...

I just stumbled-upon your blog and found most of your work, and in particular this one, most exciting! Keep up the good work!

hithaa said...
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hithaa said...

a true piece of art :)

beinArt said...

Hi. I'm seeking permission to promote your art on the Surreal Art Collective website with a profile and a link to your official website.

Our web address is http://beinart.org and you can see our featured painters here: http://beinart.org/artists/group/International%20Paintings/

Please respond via the contact form on the following page: http://beinart.org/contact/submissions.php

Anonymous said...

i'm doing a unit in my A'Level course based on surrealist ideas and i'm wondering if you could help me.
We have to find various artists and photographers to research and i would like to include you and your work in my coursework, however there is no imformation about you on the site. I was wondering if you could please tell me basic info about yourself and how you got into art and stuff like that?

contact me at : lunastarwitch@yahoo.co.uk

James Watkins said...

i actually love this. I love your paintings.

Jahwan said...

I love sincerly, all i saw ! one comment for all your picture, but i really love your work.
I create only with pencil, pen, white pencil etc..
and i find paint awesome!

I'm french student thus sorry for my english. ^^
bye bye